How To Get Buy In For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Sometimes it's difficult to convince others in your organization that content marketing is worth the investment of time and money.

Here are some arguments from Ryan Skinner that may work for your situation...

Content Marketing Budget: 9 Effective Arguments for Buy-In

How to Train Your Team to Create Outstanding Content

The people who know your business best, your employees and co-workers, represent an untapped goldmine of content creators.  Here's some helpful advice on how to do this from Steven Shattuck of Slingshot SEO.

From offering people training on idea generation techniques to giving people the freedom to write about what they care about and more....

From Content Marketing Institute: 6 Steps for Training Your Team to Create Epic Content

42 Top Strategies For Compelling Content Marketing

From Content Marketing Institute:  Links to 42 great articles covering everything from the most basic  (e.g. what is content marketing? ) to specifics on setting strategy, establishing goals, making keyword selections, and more...

42 Favorite Strategies in Support of Compelling Content Marketing