Friday, January 17, 2014

Superlist of Social Media and Content Marketing Case Studies & Examples

Much has changed in the world of social media since we first published our Superlist of Social Media Case Studies in 2008. A plethora of new social media services have come and (some) gone. More and more organizations are using social media tools in unique and creative ways. It’s a rare organization that isn’t using some form of social media these days.

But finding and learning examples and case studies of good social media remains important to anyone wanting to improve their organization’s social media program.

Therefore, in 2013 we decided to update our Superlist of Social Media Case Studies, expanding it to include more categories for specific social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. The newer version also includes entries for Content Marketing case study collections since Content Marketing has become an important element and complement to many organization’s social media programs.

The updated and expanded SUPERLIST OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTENT MARKETING CASE STUDIES AND EXAMPLES with 65+ links is available for purchase for the reasonable price of $5.95. (Updated as of 2013)
You can buy it and download it right now!


  1. Glad to learn about this update!! It's true these days social media is updating so often and I hope this publish will be a fun to acknowledge. Looking forward to download these studies and examples. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. It's definitely challenging to keep up with all of the changes!