Why Marketers Should Think Like Journalists (and Other Trends for Content Marketing)

Are you using content marketing as part of your digital strategy to grow your business?

If so, you're not alone.  According to the Content Marketing Institute, the lion's share of marketers (some 92%) report using content marketing.

In the fast moving world of digital strategy, things are always changing.

What should you expect in 2014 to change in the world of content marketing?

Hana Abaza of Uberflip has put together an infographic detailing five key content marekting trends for the coming year.  In summary, they are:

1. Top Content Marketing Roles (e.g. Directors of Content Marketing) become more commonplace on marketing teams.

2.  Designing content for all channels including multiple mobile platforms becomes a must.

3. Marketers will need to focus on creating some original big pieces of content to earn links.

4. Creating customized content for sub-audiences will become easier with better content curation tools.

5. Marketers will need to start thinking like Journalists to create compelling content audiences will want to read.

Check out the nifty infographic and read more on these content marketing trends here.